Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wisdomleaf Reviews

Hi Folks,

Wanted to share some good news.

We go a good feedback from one of our client. Here is what he had to say:

Upon receiving his email, I called him to espouse our appreciation for the outstanding support that you have provided. I offered to send him written referral if needed, but told him that I chose to call first, because I wanted to fully convey the extent of the exceptional experienced that we have enjoyed. 

It was a pleasure to inform him that you have been timely in meeting all deadlines. You have provided excellent communication and joined us on weekly conference calls to review he progress. I informed him that you have not only done what we asked, but that you have also provided guidance and suggestions for alternatives to help us achieve our goals, enabling us to think outside and above ourselves at times with your suggestions. He was very happy when I told him that you helped to teach us, and even provided some manuals to educate us.

We had a nice long conversation, because I wanted him to fully appreciate how grateful we are for the cooperation and true spirit of partnership that you have displayed. I hope that my reference was beneficial in conveying how much we appreciate your professionalism and quality.

“Please pass on my thanks to all of your team who have help with the mammoth task of rebuilding the site and getting it live.  I know we have had many trials along the way and your testers and developers have risen to the challenge each and every time. We still have a few bugs to fix and some problems to solve, but overall the new site has been an overwhelming success and everybody here is really excited about the fantastic new technology, the new look and the potential for the year ahead. 

We couldn’t have done it without Wisdom Leaf!”

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